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Vest VELOSUR™ - It Can Save lives

Vest VELOSUR™ - It Can Save lives Item NO.: 5745906483368

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Product Name Vest VELOSUR™ - It Can Save lives
Item NO. 5745906483368
Weight 0 kg = 0.0000 lb = 0.0000 oz
Category Automobiles & Motorcycle
Brand ealany
Creation Time 2020-09-01

   More than the flicker of a car

Equipped with an LED flashing wireless remote control system, this safety vest is everyone's ideal safety solution:

  • All the cyclists
  • A child on a bicycle
  • Children and adults in the buggy
  • A young man on a motorcycle
  • For those who jog at dawn or dusk
  • For children on the road
  • For all drivers who break down or have accidents during the night...

Becoming visible can save your life

Keeping a light-up body armor in the trunk of your car (instead of the standard body armor) can greatly improve your visibility in nighttime accidents (if your car doesn't have light) and save your life.

Visibility rose from a few meters to more than 150 meters.

So far the only equipment that can be seen in the dark on a bicycle is a low-intensity small red taillight, placed too low in standard, or a reflective vest, and in many cases, these devices are not used (uninstalled or unusable... Vest) the kid's bike.

With this luminous safety vest, night visibility has increased from a few meters of standard equipment to more than 150 meters. This increase in visibility increases with the decrease in brightness as night falls, which is ideal for any child riding a bike to school and home.

A light signal in the middle of the driver's field of vision

The vest is powerful enough to be just as effective on rainy or snowy days, and drivers' visibility is reduced by bad weather.

In the game, children get fun from using it and play games to keep them safe.

They are easy to install on children's schoolbags or backpacks, they will be the first to want to use it, the playful side of the wireless remote control gives them a sense of safe control, and the simple use of the remote control even allows them to use it.

Young man: right turn button, left turn button, etc.

Practical: The safety vest, like any other waistcoat, can be worn in seconds, and its two adjustable straps make it suitable for all sizes (children and adults), so a waistcoat can be used by several members of the same family. It can be worn on your jacket or heavy coat, or on your backpack or schoolbag.

Different optical signals

Flashing green arrows on the right: light up when you turn right.

Green flashing arrow on left: lights up when you turn left.

Vertical flashing green arrow: It lights up when you walk straight through an intersection, or when you drive straight.

Shiny red exclamation point: lights up when there's danger, lights up when you put out a big fire...

It's in your bag

A luminous flak jacket.

Wireless control.

Handlebar fixing system.


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